Corona Situation Live Updates in India state wise

India CoronaVirus PANDEMIC (COVID-19) Status

Last updated: March 27, 2020, 12:05AM


Day by Day Coronavirus Infacted Status in india

31 January010000
01 February010000
02 February120000
03 February130000
04 February030000
05 February030000
06 February030000
07 February030000
08 February030000
09 February030000
10 February030000
11 February030000
12 February030000
13 February031100
14 February030100
15 February030100
16 February031200
17 February030200
18 February030200
19 February030200
20 February031300
21 February030300
22 February030300
23 February030300
24 February030300
25 February030300
26 February030300
27 February030300
28 February030300
29 February030300
01 March030300
02 March250300
03 March160300
04 March22280300
05 March2300300
06 March1310300
07 March3340300
08 March5390300
09 March9480300
10 March15631400
11 March7700400
12 March12820411
13 March99161001
14 March1610701012
15 March611331302
16 March1412711402
17 March1914611513
18 March2517101503
19 March2819952014
20 March5925832304
21 March7633402304
22 March6940302337
23 March10250522529
24 March665711540110
25 March86657343111
26 march


Be a true Indian. Show compassion. Be considerate. Help those in need. We will get through this!  
Plan ahead! Take a minute and check how much you have at home. Planning ahead let’s you buy exactly what you need!  
Be considerate : While buying essentials remember : You need to share with 130 Crore Others!  
Help out your workers and domestic workers by not cutting their salaries. Show the true Indian spirit! 
  Help out the elderly by bringing them their groceries and other essentials.  
Stand Against FAKE News and WhatsApp Forwards! Do NOT ❌ forward a message until you verify the content it contains.  



Authored By Kousik Mondal

Hi, I am Kousik Mondal from Kolkata, India. I am a professional career counselor for the past 5+ years. Love reading news and strongly believe only awareness can create a better future. And A blog scientist by the mind and a passionate blogger by ❤️heart ??

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