KarmaSathi Prakalpa Scheme 2020- Online Registration Process, Eligibility & Benefit

KarmaSathi Prakalpa Scheme 2020 in West Bengal: This project has been started to make the unemployed youth of West Bengal self-reliant. The name of this project is Karma Sathi Prakalpa. Through the Karmasathi project (karmasathi prokalpo), a target has been set to make 1 lakh unemployed youth self-reliant every year. It is learned that this project will continue for the next three years. Rs 500 crore has been allocated for this project.

The project will provide loans up to Rs 2 lakh through state-run cooperative banks. Along with the loan, there will be subsidy opportunities and the opportunity to repay the loan in installments.

KarmaSathi Prakalpa Scheme 2020

What is the purpose of the employee project?
To assist young entrepreneurs in the state to create new ventures including services and business trade and to set up small businesses.
Creating self-employment opportunities in both rural and urban areas of the state.

How long will the staff project last?
Notification of the project gazette will start after the and will continue for the next three years. Notification No: 1825 / MSMET-18011 (11) / 4/2020 Notification issued: 9th September, 20

Who will be eligible for this project?
Anyone who meets all the conditions of the employee project will be able to apply as a potential entrepreneur. Only one person from a family can apply. Here family means parents and wife.

KarmaSathi Prakalpa Scheme
karmasathi prakalpa in west bengal

What is the age to apply?
Applicants must be between 18 and 50 years of age to apply for this scheme.

What are the educational qualifications?
Must have passed minimum class eight. However, if the name of the employment bank is registered, you will get a priority.

What kind of project will be considered in this project?
Any new production, service, and trade/business project under this project will be considered for adoption. Loans and subsidies will be provided in easy installments. Loans up to Rs 2 lakh will be given. The loan will be disbursed in easy installments from a state-owned cooperative bank.

What amount of government subsidy will be available?
There are two types of government subsidies under this scheme.
A) Project Subsidy: 15% of the project cost of Rs. 25,000 which will be the minimum.
B) Interest Subsidy: The annual interest that the entrepreneur will pay to the cooperative bank will be paid.

  1. If the interest is paid on time in the right way, 50% of the interest will be paid. This is applicable for 3 years.
  2. In other cases 40% for a maximum of three years.

What you need to invest according to the project.
If the karma sathi prokalpo project is approved, the minimum investment will be as follows.
Project cost up to Rs. 50,000: 5% of the total project cost for applicants from all departments
Project cost above Rs. 50,000 / – for SC / ST / Women / Individual Minorities / Minorities at 5% of project cost and 10% for others.
(karma sathi prokalpo) The example of the project is given below.

How to apply? in KarmaSathi Prakalpa Scheme
Karma Sathi Prakalpa’s application can be made both online and offline.
Entrepreneurs have to apply through the employee portal or by submitting the application form directly in the specific statement.
Application forms are available free of charge from the following offices:
Nearest BDO office in rural area.
The nearest SDO office in the municipality area.
Kolkata Municipal Corporation ( KMC )
Also MSME Facilitation Center (MFC) under District Industries Center (DIC) of the district.

APPLY Online

KarmaSathi Prakalpa SchemeWhat documents are required to apply?
The ‘karma sathi prokalpo’ application form has to be filled properly. Along with the following documents must be given. Each photocopy must be signed by the applicant.

Proof of identity (with photo)
Permanent Resident Certificate.
Proof of educational qualification
Proof of age.
Copy of SC / ST / OBC / Minority / Differently Compliant Certificate – Projects which are applicable.
Project report.

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