Work from home, and make 35000 per month

Are you looking for how to earn money From home? Whether you want that extra passive income or want to create an money From home , Worry not! After making more than 1 crore last year in 2019 (100% online income), and training thousands of people on doing the same, i assure you that this article will bring a big smile on your face. So read the article till the end and within few minutes you will have all the answers for this tricky question on : How to make money From home ?its Almost all of these methods are absolutely FREE and require NO Investment.

There are Few Option For You Choose any one and start Work from Your Home

#1. Starting a Blog

Starting a blog was the best decision of my life.

Today 90% of my monthly income comes from blogging.

As of now, i have more than 10+ websites , driving in total around 3,000,000 visitors/month and making me 25 Lacs-30 Lacs each month.

You can start a blog about any topic: be it guitar, dogs, cooking and anything else.

Whatever excites you or whatever you are passionate about. Just like a YouTube channel, once you start getting traffic to your blog , you can make money by doing sponsored post, showing ads on your sites, selling products etc etc. 

  • Initial Investment: Rs 2,000-5,000/-
  • Experience/ Skill Required: Anyone Can Start
  • Time Investment: 1-2 Hrs/Day
  • Expected Return (1 Year): Rs 10,000-1 Lac/month

#2. Affiliate Marketing

As i told you earlier, starting a blog was one of the best decision of my life.

But an even better decision was to do Affiliate marketing.The majority of my monthly income comes through affiliate marketing (affiliate marketing is the next step after creating a blog). I make around 20-25 Lacs each month from affiliate marketing alone.

So what is Affiliate marketing?

Watch the video below to understand this in detail, but you will be surprised that you have been doing affiliate marketing yourself without even knowing. How? you might be wondering right?

Well if you have ever referred any of your friend using your referral link on apps like Swiggy, Ola, Uber (where you get money if you refer people) then you have done affiliate marketing.

In simple terms, it is about helping a company get more customers by generating traffic for them using your special affiliate link. Through this referral link/affiliate link you can track how many people clicked your link and out of those how many actually completed the action, for example signing up.

  • Initial Investment: Rs 3,000-5,000/-
  • Experience/ Skill Required: Anyone Can Start
  • Time Investment: 2-3 Hrs/Day
  • Expected Return (1 Year): Rs 10,000-5 Lac/month

#3. Freelancing (make hand some salary from home)

Freelancing is the easiest way to make money online from whatever skills you might have.

There are millions of freelancers online making significant income online.

One of my friend is a graphic designer, and she is reallyyy good. Now i agree she can get a job in a company which will easily pay her Rs 1,00,000/month, but she chose the freelancer route.

Now she works 4-5 hours/day and makes in the range of 2.5 – 3Lacs/month.

Now this was one case of graphic designing. You can be good in any field, there is work for everyone.

You can be a coder, proofreader, content writer or an other imaginable skill set, you will be able to find work on freelancing sites.

Yes, you wont be making 1lac/month when you start out, but the more experince you get the more good ratings you will acquire on these freelancing sites, the more work will come to you.

I hire people on and every month, some of them are regulars. I have work related to content writing, SEO, wordpress etc, and i love hiring people on these sites. 

  • Initial Investment: Rs 0/-
  • Experience/ Skill Required: Anyone Can Start
  • Time Investment: 2-12 Hrs/Day , depending on how much you want to make
  • Expected Return (1 Year): Rs 10,000-2 Lac/month

#4. InstaGram Influencer

Yes, i know that you love likes on your instagram photos.

I also know that you love it when someone follows you on instagram.But what if i tell you that you can make money from your Instagram as well.

You dont need to have 6 pack abs (yes that helps but its not a necessity), or you dont have to look like a Victoria secrets model, you can still get thousands of followers – if you follow our strategies – and make money from your followers.

I have helped many people become instagram celebrities. Its not that hard.

So how do you become an Instagram influencer? well watch the video below and also read my entire text recommendations.

  • Initial Investment: Rs 0/-
  • Experience/ Skill Required: Anyone Can Start
  • Time Investment: 1-2 Hrs/Day , depending on how much you want to make
  • Expected Return (1 Year): Rs 1-2 Lac/month

#5. Start a Profitable Youtube Channel

I just love this method.


Because as of 2018, starting a profitable youtube channel is the easiest way to make money.

Especially in India, where after the JIO wave , almost everyone has access to the internet.

I see so many students, college kids, startups, businesses and almost everyone using youtube to their advantage.

No one wants to read a 2000+ word article anymore, everyone wants to watch a video instead.

If you are confused about making money online, need a reliable and effective way to not only make money but also get popular then starting a Youtube channel is perfect for you.

Every person is passionate about something or other. Be it guitar, dogs, makeup, knowledge, etc etc.

Youtube will help you give a platform to monetize your passions or skills. Also you dont need any fancy equipments to start a youtube channel, just a phone camera is enough as well.

  • Initial Investment: Rs 0/-
  • Experience/ Skill Required: Anyone Can Start
  • Time Investment: 1-2 Hrs/Day , depending on how much you want to make
  • Expected Return (1 Year): Rs 50,000-4 Lac/month (depending on the niche)

Authored By Kousik Mondal

Hi, I am Kousik Mondal from Kolkata, India. I am a professional career counselor for the past 5+ years. Love reading news and strongly believe only awareness can create a better future. And A blog scientist by the mind and a passionate blogger by ❤️heart ??

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