Relationship Tips: Never tell these 5 truths about yourself to your wife, otherwise new problems will arise in the relationship!

A husband-wife relationship should be like crystal clear glass. As if standing on one side, the image of the other side can be clearly seen. Only if you can do this work, understanding will increase among themselves. Even colorful flowers will bloom in the wedding garden.

But don’t get too ‘excited’ after hearing these words. But remember, it is wise to confide some ‘dark truth’ of your life to your wife. Otherwise, Kalbaisakhi will soon rise to the level of marriage. And the golden family that was built gradually will fall and crumble in front of the force of that storm.

After reading so far, you must be thinking, what exactly about yourself should not be said to your wife? Read this report quickly to know the answer to that question.

1. Don’t talk about old relationships!

I know your wife is a very modern woman. But even then, don’t make vague comments about your past physical relationships to him. If you do this, you will be caught in a big trap. His love and respect for you will decrease. Even light years of distance can be created between husband and wife due to this. So don’t forget to do this if you want good relationship.

2. Not talking about thieves and police

Many people make mistakes in childhood that are better not to talk about. In particular, the less you discuss things like stealing or getting involved in a police case for some other reason, the better. Don’t even share these things with your wife. This will increase the risk of creating distance between you, not reduce the book. So if you want to have a happy family, avoid this mistake trap.

3. Not talking about ‘boy talk’

Don’t brag about what your friends say about women in front of your wife. Once he hears that you have such a low opinion of women, it won’t take long for the river of marriage to ebb. So while dressing well, never listen to the conversation of your friends. But otherwise…

4. Remember something sad

We all have both good and bad. Even in your wife these two aspects are present. However, it is not appropriate to talk too much about the mistakes of the wife. Because by doing this you will become ‘Shani’ in the eyes of Ardhangini. Even the distance between husband and wife may increase due to your behavior. So from now on, even if you have a bad idea about your wife, don’t bring it up.

5. Black history of the family

The less your wife knows about your family’s misdeeds, the better. Because he may get scared after hearing bad things about the family from your mouth. Even his attitude towards your family members may turn downward. So don’t stir up old scandals in the family while dressing well. If you keep this in mind, there will be eternal spring in your world.

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Authored By Kousik Mondal

Hi, I am Kousik Mondal from Kolkata, India. I am a professional career counselor for the past 5+ years. Love reading news and strongly believe only awareness can create a better future. And A blog scientist by the mind and a passionate blogger by ❤️heart ??

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